Bye A While

By Padraig Rynne

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Bye A While by Padraig Rynne

I’ve taken a bit a liberty here, this has already been submitted. Unfortunately the submitter didn’t list the tune names, only the track names so they don’t link to the database. He/she has been unactive for 5 years so there is little chance of remedy.

It’s such a great album it deserves more attention.

Here are the comments from the previous submission……

Excellent Album
The first solo album from Padraig Rynne. Artists that feature on the CD include Arty McGlynn, John McSherry etc. etc.
I particularly like the Old Bush set. Padraig also has his own compositions on the album including the title track which is a jig.
# Posted on October 28th 2005 by kymfa

# Posted on October 28th 2005 by slainte
Thanks for posting this kymfa, but how about giving us the names of all the tunes, instead of just the set titles!
He certainly is some player that Padraig dude. He came up to our club one time with Paul Bradley & their duos were ‘edge of your seat’ stuff!
# Posted on October 28th 2005 by Ptarmigan

Padraig Rynne
The video clip of his concertina playing is now in Custy’s website:
# Posted on November 5th 2005 by slainte

Oh my God….what an album1 Just got it in Claddagh records in Dublin. Great production, great tunes and the best concertina playing I have ever heard in my life. Its the first time I heard him record on an album with a good guitar player. Well done!
# Posted on November 29th 2005 by eurbanjo

Brilliant cd - love it
1) Barbara Needhams
Christie Barrys
Bye A While
2) Mullheres
Pinch Of Snuff
3) Fusco
4) The Old Bush
The Swallowtail
5) The New Century
Phillis’s Birthday
6) Fisherstreet
The Wingflapper
The Ceilier
7) Not Safe With A Razor
The Palm Tree
Jimmys Return
8) Paddy Fahy’s
The Dreaming Sea
9) Dans Loudiog
10) Brid Harpers
Paddy Whacks
11) Bm Reel
J. Bs Reel
Lad O’Biernes
# Posted on December 10th 2005 by geoffwright

Bm reel
Hi All!!
It’s probably a long shot as I don’t have the notes for this particular tune but would anyone know the name of a Bm reel that Padraig Rynne plays on his album “Bye a While”
It’s the first tune on Track 11 but he doesn’t have a name for it.
I live in hope!
# Posted on June 8th 2006 by Shtrum

I think “Fisherstreet” is this one:
# Posted on August 6th 2009 by snorre

Padraig Rynne - “Cian”

Wow, that be very kind of you indeed Kenny, and I will owe you several pints, hopefully we’ll meet for tunes at some point soon. I only discovered Padraig Rynne by accident at Chrismas when searching myspace for Tola Custy recordings. It’s one of my favourite discoveries of recent times.


what is the tune mis labelled as lad o biernes.?


A stunning, wonderful set of recordings and great tunes.

Track 3 - Molloy’s - not linked to the right tune

The dots it’s linked to don’t sound anything like it. I think it might be a version of the Crosses of Annagh. I hope someone else can set it straight.