The Purple Heather CD 1 of 2

By Vincent Campbell

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Although he has previously appeared on albums such as ‘The Brass Fiddle’ and ‘The Fiddle Music of Donegal, Vol. 2’, this double-CD is the first to be entirely devoted to the music of The Croaghs fiddler Vincent Campbell. The collection (86 tracks in total) draws upon public and private recordings dating as far back as 1962 (when Vincent was in his early twenties) and, interspersed with some stories, provides a superb picture of the extent and strengths of the fiddler’s repertoire.

Because of the sheer number of tracks I’ve had to split the listing into two parts. To see the detail as a whole visit where some sound clips are also available and the album can be purchased for €22.

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I’ve enjoyed Vincent’s music for years, on the Brass Fiddle and also a home recording I was given about 10 years ago. Powerful music!

Track 40 is the Ballyoran Polka, or the Waves of Torey as it’s called in the Roche Collection.

Re: The Purple Heather CD 1 of 2

Vincent Campbell’s style sounds to me like what would happen if Bobby Casey grew up in Donegal. I find there to be something similar about their playing beyond the obvious differences between typical Clare and Donegal styles. Maybe it’s the fact that both use double stops more than most, or perhaps that some of the ornamentation can be similar at times.