The Purple Heather CD2

By Vincent Campbell

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  1. John Mhósai’s
  2. Story
  3. The Back Door
  4. Story
  5. Story
  6. Cailíní Ard A’ Ratha
  7. Stirling Castle
  8. Miss Kenny’s
  9. Story
  10. The Gypsy Mór
  11. Story
  12. Paddy Catt
  13. Maggie Pickie
  14. Story
  15. Tuaim Na Farraige
  16. Story
  17. The Silver Spire
  18. Story
  19. The Oak Tree
  20. Story
  21. Mol An Tiarna
  22. The Enniskillen Dragoons
  23. The Ship Leaves The Harbour Tomorrow
  24. Seán McLaughlin’s
  25. Story
  26. Síos A‘ Bealach Mór Agus Suas A’ Bealach Carthanach
  27. Story
  28. Miss Patterson’s Slippers
  29. Story
  30. Highland A’ Choiligh
  31. Story
  32. Jackson’s Favourite
  33. Story
  34. The March Of The Mín á Toitean Bull
  35. Story
  36. The Corn Rigs
  37. Story
  38. Fáscadh Mo Léine
    The Silver Spire
  39. Story
  40. Story
  41. Muilleann Na Maidí
  42. Story
  43. The Cock’s Tail
    The Newfoundland

Two comments

Although he has previously appeared on albums such as ‘The Brass Fiddle’ and ‘The Fiddle Music of Donegal, Vol. 2’, this double-CD is the first to be entirely devoted to the music of The Croaghs fiddler Vincent Campbell. The collection (86 tracks in total) draws upon public and private recordings dating as far back as 1962 (when Vincent was in his early twenties) and, interspersed with some stories, provides a superb picture of the extent and strengths of the fiddler’s repertoire.

Because of the sheer number of tracks I’ve had to split the listing into two parts. To see the detail as a whole visit where some sound clips are also available and the album can be purchased for €22.

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John Mhósai’s is Flaherty’s hornpipe, with some differences between the way they played it in NYC, as recorded by McGann+Reynolds.