The Professor

By James Morrison

  1. The Stick Across The Hob
    Richard Brennan’s
  2. The Showman’s Fancy
    The Sandlark
  3. The Skylark
    Maud Millar
  4. The Magic Slipper
    The Little Diamond
  5. The Provincial
  6. The Peeler’s Jacket
    The Duke Of Leinster
  7. The Wreck Of The 99
    Dem Golden Slippers
    Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat
  8. The Cup Of Tea
    Peter Street
  9. Free As A Bird
  10. The Glen Of Aherlow
    Master McGrath
  11. The Curlew Hills
    Peach Blossoms
  12. The Humours Of Bandon
  13. The Lark In The Morning
    The Wandering Minstrel
  14. Farewell To Ireland
    Miss Monaghan
  15. The Turnpike
    The Dublin
    Miss Thornton
  16. The Festival
    Queen Anne’s
  17. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
    My Wild Irish Rose
  18. Old Man Dillon
    The Rose In The Heather
  19. Belle Of The Ball
    Hayes’ Favourite
  20. The Golden Wreath
    The Quarrelsome Piper
  21. The Flax In Bloom
    The Millstone
    The Dairymaid
  22. The Happy Birdie
    The Blue Bell
  23. The Irish Girl
    The Musical Priest
  24. The Mouse In The Cupboard
    Cailleach An Airgid
  25. The Tailor’s Twist
    The Flowers Of Spring
  26. Rambles Through Ireland Part 1
  27. Rambles Through Ireland Part 2
  28. The Blackberry Blossom
    The London Lasses
  29. Thomond Bridge
    The Souvenir
  30. McFadden’s
    The Blackberry Blossom

Four comments

The Professor

Originally recorded between 1921 and 1936, this double cassette collection is a treasure. Issued by Viva Voce, less a record label and more a public service!

I don’t think Vive Voce still has this in print. It’s a shame, I only have a very muffled tape recorded copy of one of the tapes & would love to have the whole thing in a listenable state. From what I remember it’s really good & has lot’s of off the wall tunes like “Flea as a bird” no typo there, (it’s in Cole’s & Ryan’s) from people who I’ve talked to who got to meet Morrison they say it was a standard party piece of his.
Any chance of a copy for trade Aiden? Pretty please?!!