Bualadh Bos

By Various Artists

  1. Anon
    Toss The Feathers
    The Glass Of Beer
  2. Maire Bheal Atha HAmhnais
  3. The Salamanca
  4. Is Folamh Mo Smaointe
  5. Tincear Longphoirt
    Ril Risteard Ui Dhuibhir
  6. Tiocfaidh An Samhradh
  7. Suzanne
  8. Grainne Mhaol
  9. An Cailin Aerach
  10. Cherish The Ladies
  11. An Bhfuil Na Daoine Ag Eisteacht
  12. Colonel Fraser
    The Maid Who Dare Not Tell
  13. Cuan An Fhir Mhoir
  14. Sean Ryan’s

Three comments

Looking through my old LP collection I came across this oddity. Recorded in 1976 on Gael-Linn, it seems to be a selection of tracks from very young emerging musicians, some of whom seem to have vanished without trace. The tracks are mainly pure traditional but with a folk revival style guitar group and one folk rock band (Hemlock; no relation I imagine to the heavy metal band). However it is notable for a very young Iarla O’Lionaird, Mick O’Brien, Maeve O’Donnell and Dermot Lernihan.

The artists are:
1: Tulla Junior Group
2: Gaois
3: Micheal O’Briain (Mick O’Brien)
4: Carmel Ni Bhaoill
5: Diarmuid O’Learnachain (Dermot Lernihan)
6: Seamus O’Baoill
7: Hemlock
8: Gaois
9: Iarla O’Lionaird
10: Micheal O’Ciaraidh
11: Carmel Ni Bhaoill
12: Meabh Ni Dhonnghaile (Maeve O’Donnell)
13: Maire Clar & Siobhan Breathnach
14: Colaiste Eoin

Correction it is of course Maeve Donnelly not O’Donnell

Re: Bualadh Bos

My name is Carmel Boyle -on the mentioned recording Carmel Ni Bhaoill!
Just today forty years after this recording I decided to google it for the first time because I wanted to sing one of my songs at a 1916 event tomorrow.
To give you an update on myself- after all this time I am still singing. I have recorded ten albums since 1976 mostly original spiritually orientated songs. I am delighted to say that after all these years I am still making a living from my music but unfortunately my struggles with speaking the irish language left me behind in gael linn circles.
I still remembers the two songs I composed for the occassion.
Delighted to see the recording recorded on the web. Thanks Carmel