Merry Is The Fiddle

By Rudy Meeks

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  1. Stardust
  2. Dave Meek’s Clog
    John Meeks
    Stepdancers’ Delight
  3. Liberty Two-Step
  4. Annie Laurie
  5. Rippling Water
  6. Flanagan’s
  7. Kiley’s
  8. Memory
  9. Echoes Of Pembroke
    Light Amber
  10. Longford Breakdown
    Country North
  11. Farewell To Mariposa
  12. Haste To The Wedding
    White Water
  13. Golden Eagle
    Fraser Valley Breakdown
    Once Upon Her Cheek
  14. Happy Acres
  15. Gypsy Fiddlers’ Hoedown
  16. When You And I Were Young Maggie
  17. You Left

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Merry Is the Fiddle

Recorded in the Shetland Islands with local musicians. Issued by First Century Productions, Orillia, Ontario as RMCD 0697 in 1998.

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