The Quays Of Galway Town

By Wild Geese

  1. The Otter’s Lair
    The Pinch Of Snuff
  2. Farewell To Nova Scotia
  3. The Monaghan
  4. The Old Turf Fire
    The Congress
  5. Roxburgh Castle
    Ward’s Brae
  6. The Quays Of Galway Town
  7. The Squire An The Lady
    The Shaskeen
    The Sack Of Grass
    The Girl Who Broke My Heart
  8. Fear An Ti
    Bean An Ti
  9. I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool
  10. Sliabh Na mBan
  11. The Beggarman
  12. The Cup Of Tea
    The Four Hand
  13. The Bush Of Australia

Two comments

IMHO the best of their LPs.

It influenced my start in IrTrad very much , there was a time in the early 1980es my band played more than 50% of this recording 😉

Recorded in Germany 1976

Peadar O hUallaigh - Flute, Whistle, Fife, Vocals
Norman King - Voc, Bodhran, Spoons, Tambourine
Tony Small - Voc, Guitar, Bouzouki
Steve Power - Fiddle, Mandola, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Banjo, Voc