The Trail

By Black Bear Crossing

  1. The Titan
  2. Metsakukkia
  3. The Arran Boat
  4. The Drops Of Brandy
  5. Da Shaald’s O’Foula
    Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies
    Top Of Cork Road
  6. Monday Morning
  7. Battle Of The Somme
  8. The Glass Of Beer
    Drowsy Maggie
  9. Whistling Gypsy
  10. Mississippi Sawyer
    Sandy River Belles
    The Boatman
  11. Kolomeike
  12. Woe Betyde Thy Wearie Bodie
  13. Sweetness Of Mary
  14. Levis Beaulieu
    St. Joseph’s
  15. Summer’s End
  16. Star Of The Country Down
  17. Never Been Better
    Two White Nickels

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Personnel & Instrumentation
Phylleri Ball: keyboard, shaker, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, bodhran
Melissa Becker: fiddle, vocals
Warren Fisher: bass, guitar
Lucy Henry: flute, tenor recorder, whistle, hammered dulcimer, vocals
Wendy McCormick: hammered dulcimer, accordion, folk harp