Legend Of The Fiddle - The Ian Powrie Story

By Ian Powrie

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  1. The Ainsworth March
    The Laird Of Thrums
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
  2. The Banks Of Locheil
    Duncan Johnstone
  3. The Provost Of Forgandenny
    Jimmy’s Aye Diggin’
    The Sands Of Murness
    Billy Thom’s
  4. Lady Elizabeth
  5. Willie Atkinson
    Leila’s Garden
    Captain Keeler
  6. The Dark Island
  7. Memories Of Bobby MacLeod
    Christina McNair Caskie
  8. Margaret’s
    Heather Blossom Special
  9. Alex MacArthur Of Biggar
    Lady Charlotte Campbell
    Peerie Willie
  10. Our Highland Queen
  11. The Cambridge
    Hoo Dinnae Ye Play Mair
    The Moray Players
    The Laird Of Corrieburn
  12. Briony
  13. David John Powrie
    Calum John Builder
  14. Will Powrie, The Angus Ploughman
  15. Back To The Hills
    Catchin’ Rabbits
  16. Lament For Will Starr
    The Auchterarder VIP
  17. Rural
    Margaret Cook’s Fancy
    The Ainster Fisherman

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The Ian Powrie Story

Released on CD in 1996, this compilation is a mixture of traditional standards, compositions by his friends including Angus Fitchet, as well as compositions by a fiddler who always tried to remember his father’s advice - “It’s not what you play - It’s how you play it”.