How Does It Gan?

By Jimmy Little And Friends

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  1. Joe Foster’s
    Charlie Hunter
    Major MacKie
  2. Redesdale
  3. Lochanside
    Loch Ruan
    Retford Cottage
  4. The Rose Of Allendale
  5. The Moor Bridge
    Drummond Castle Laundry
  6. The Road To The Isles
    The Keel Row
    Farewell To The Dene
    Orange & Blue
  7. Miss Ina Maclennan’s Air
  8. Tomorrow Morning
    Minstrel’s Fancy
    The Sheffield
  9. Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
    Dunstanburgh Castle
  10. Aros Park
    John MacDonald’s March
  11. Jock Of Hazeldene
  12. The Man From Newry
    Father Kelly
    Bill Nicholson
  13. Bonny North Tyne
    Bonny Border Burn

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Jimmy Little & Friends - “How Does It Gan?”

This is a new album of music from Northumberland, featuring mouth-organ player Jimmy Little and, indeed, friends on other instruments. (Jimmy was a Northumbrian pipes player early in life, but arthritis forced him to choose an instrument less taxing on the fingers.)

Anyone interested in Northumbrian music and especially those who liked the music of “the shepherds” - Will Atkinson, Willy Taylor and Joe Hutton - will most likely enjoy listening to the players here, whose repertoire has much in common with that of the aforenamed musicians.

The album, recorded by Anthony Robb, may not yet have been released (I was given a copy), so here are the relevant Internet connections:



Jimmy Little & Friends - “How Does It Gan?”

The musicians on this album are:

Jimmy Little - mouth organ
Robert Whitehead - piano accordion (1,3,6,8,10,13)
Malcolm Bennett - vocals (4,11) & guitar (4,7,10,11)
Alice Burn - Northumbrian pipes (9)
Anthony Robb - (Northumbrian pipes (2) & fiddle (9)
Jamie Robb - guitar (9)

Jimmy Little & Friends - “How Does It Gan?”

I’d like to second Nicholas’ comments - I was given a copy of the CD recently and keep coming back to it to remind me how rants should be played. Grand music.
The bio and photo show a completely different Jimmy Little.

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Jimmy Little of Christon Bank, near Alnwick, Northumberland

I have just reviewed a second CD by Jimmy Little- it’s excellent and can highly recommend it- HOWEVER, the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with the Jimmy Liitle the ‘moothie; player!
Not sure of any aborigine ‘moothie’ tradition although I am open to persuasion but time this was changed?
Meanwhile, don’t miss the new CD

Not me, guv

I didn’t put in the info about the Australian Jimmy Little, I might add.