By John Kirkpatrick

  1. Last Night With Archie
    Boyne Water
  2. Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
  3. Mad Moll
    Mad Moll Of The Cheshire Hunts
    The Lively
  4. Over The Moon
    Bonnets So Blue
  5. There’s No Doubt About It
    Grafting In The Drencher
    Beating The Oak
  6. Dick The Welshman
  7. Todley Tom
    The Staffordshire
    The Blue Eyed Stranger
    Waterddy Lane
    The Turn Dish
    The Maiden’s Prayer
  8. Turn Again Martha
    Churning Butter
  9. The Abram Circle Dance
  10. The Raddled Tup
    Hunting The Squirrel
  11. Not For Joe
  12. Four Lane End
    Cocking The Chafer
    Threepenny Ha’penny Treacle
  13. Martha’s Cornet
    The Evening Star
  14. Three Hand
    Cock Of The North
    The Green & Yellow Handkerchief Dance
  15. The Prince Of Wales
    The Prince Of Wales At Brighton
    The Morning Star
  16. Half A Farthing Candle
    The Girl I Left Behind Me
    The Hindley Circle Dance
    Albert Farmer’s

Three comments

"John Kirkpatrick: Sheepskins"

Wow, John Kirkpatrick isn’t in the database at all yet. Was I surprised? Yes! So, here’s his first, an old classic. I’ve also included the alternate titles in the tunes listings. We’ve enjoyed dancing to John’s squeezing a number of times, a fine dance musician with considerable drive, if sometimes having the soundsystem cranked up a bit too much for our liking… 😛

Re: Sheepskins

This is a wonderful album. I particularly enjoy the 12-minute hornpipe set.

Re: Sheepskins

Or, rather, the hornpipe/slow reel mix set.