Our Musical Heritage Disc 2

By Various Artists

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For a full discussion of these records see the first disc listing at https://thesession.org/recordings/display/3594
This second record is for the uilleann pipes and fiddle and has some great tracks. Interestingly it also has some oddities, i.e. Tomás Reck playing the chanter scale and his form of rolls, crans, regulator chords etc. Again it should be noted that most of these tracks were recorded especially for the radio programme.
These are the players involved in the various tracks:

1: Tomás Reck
2: Tomás Reck
3: Johnny Doran
4: Seamus Ennis
5: Seán Ó Riada
6: Johnny Doran
7: Johnny Doran
8: Tomás Reck
9: Tomás Reck
10: Seamus Ennis
11: Johnny Doran
12: John Doherty
13: Vincent Campbell
14: John Gallagher
15: John Doherty
16: John Henry
17: Fred Finn
18: John Kelly
19: Junior Crehan
20: Patrick Kelly
21: Patrick Ahearn

Track 8….

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