The Irwin Lake Sessions

By Shannon Quinn

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Nine eight

I found the track "nine eight" listed here as "the Butterfly"

Not To Be Missed

Simply put, Shannon Quinn is one of the most sensational rising talents in the music world today. The complete package of instrumental and vocal ability coupled with engaging stage presence make her a force to be reckoned with.

Acoustic music enthusiasts in the greater Nashville, TN region will want to tune their radio dials to WSM 650 on the AM band this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day to hear Shannon live in concert. Also performing as part of this broadcast will be vocalist Maura O’Connell and the Alison Brown Quartet.

For those of us outside broadcast range, there is—thankfully!—a streaming capability offered at WSM’s website:

As a performer myself, and having seen her perform at the 2009 Chicago Irish Festival, all I can say is…BOOK HER QUICK before someone else does ;)


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The irwin lake sessions


does anybody have a name for the second and third jigs on track 2 of this cd, please? (I know the first one of the three is ‘Crehan’s’ aka ‘The Luradan’).