The Initiation

By Charlene Adzima

  1. An Cailin Rua
  2. Smash The Brisket
    Hunter’s House
    The Maids Of Mitchelstown
  3. What Care I For The Minister?
    Humours Of Whiskey
  4. Einini
  5. The Initiation
  6. The Old Flail
    Pauline Conneely’s
    Sizzling Bacon
  7. Castle Kelly’s
    Uncle Andy’s Delight
  8. Inion A’Bhaoghailligh
  9. Jimmie McGetrick’s
    John Naughton’s
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
  10. Ceol A’Phiobaire
  11. The Rambling Pitchfork
    Trip To Reykjavik
    Tommy Peoples’
  12. Marcus Hernon’s Air
  13. The Old Blackbird
    Lady Alexander’s
  14. Farewell To Tara Hall
    Old Jones’

One comment

The Initiation (2007)

This was my first real solo album and I hope you give it a listen and enjoy. It was produced by Mike Dugger, formerly of Scartaglen and now of Kelly and Glen Road, and engineered by Craig Markley (

Much of the album is a result of my experience playing Irish music in Central Ohio and how much I’ve been influenced while growing up in the tradition. Perhaps this will give you a snapshot of the rich Irish music scene in little-known place such as where I grew up.

Guests on the album include Liz Carroll (fiddle), Marian Funk (piano accordion), Zac Leger (guitar, whistles, bodhran, percussion), Craig Markley (piano, keyboard), Rick Nelson (guitar), John Sherman (tenor banjo), Jennifer Short (cello) and Jeni Westerkamp (harp).

You can find it on—thanks!