Sunshine Dance

By Deiseal

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Irish Jazz

Dieseal, a six piece Dublin based group, are one of the torch bearers for this new music.
Highly recommended.

Low whistle, Bass guitar, Bouzouki, Sax, Drums and French vocalist Mirabelle De Nuit. A pretty woman !!!

The 8th Of October

The 2nd tune in the first set “The 8th Of October” is also known as “Not Safe With A Razor.”

Larry (L.E.) McCullough told me the “8th of October” was published in the new tune section of TREOIR in
1978, which was a significant tune source at the time.

Larry later changed the title to “Not Safe With A Razor.”

L.E.’s notes on the tune

I can’t name real names here, but ‘Not Safe with a Razor’ derives from a
night at an especially gruesome honky tonk outside Houston, Texas, when
one of our band members we’ll call ‘Jean-Pierre’ exhibited an extreme
infatuation toward a female patron possessing six-inch black stilleto
nails, breath that could scorch paint at ten feet, and enough tattoos to
cover a circus tent. “What do you think?” he whispered to Tiny, the
six-foot-eight-inch, 300-pound, glass-eyed bouncer, as we packed up for
the evening. “Should I go for it?” “Well, son,” said Tiny, calmly
caressing the sawed-off pool cue in his belt, "there’s two kinds of
women down here in Texas. One kind is the girl you’d take home to see
your momma…. sweet, gentle, trust her with your last penny and know
she’ll be there for you come hell or high water.“ ”And the other
kind?“ ”The other kind, is what you call ‘not safe with a razor.’ And,
son, you look like you bleed awful easy."