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By Matt Molloy & Donal Lunny

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Matt Molloy (the album)

This is the album that got me interested in Irish music.

The level of playing in unattainable by mere mortals, and it’s not just the speed and his incredible technique, but the interpretation is always beautiful. Check out the “Lament for Stacker Wallace”, “The Templehouse” and “The Humours of Ballyloughlin”, just to mention a few.

Re:Matt Molloy

1984 recording I believe. Matt Molloy is accompanied by Donal Lunny.

Matt Molloy.. The Ambassador of Westport

This 33rpm record was my first recording of Molloy, and was it ever inspirational. I didn’t even play an instrument of any kind at that time, but I did soon after that. By this time I was already a Chieftains and Bothy Band fan and had all of their recordings. I incorrectly assumed that Molloy was on the early Chieftains albums but later found that their flute player was Michael Tubridy, and Molloy was on the Bothy Band albums. I highly recommend this recording for any aspiring flutist.

Desert Island Disk

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My CD of this is dated 1976 by Mulligan Music. Great playing - it always evokes the Kerry coast for me and the challenge that the Atlantic has presented to us mere mortals !

The great front-image mystery

here’s a question:
I grabbed this a couple of years ago on vinyl, and when looking over the cover i noticed something very unusual… On the Vinyl sleeve, there is the classic cover photo of Matt, beautiful close up, showing that the flute he was playing had a metal lip-plate. all well and good.

But then, on closer inspection of the CD copy i had, there was the exact same photo, but with the metal lip-plate gone! Photo-shopped out of exhistance! (i just check the artwork on the Amazon CD shop, and it’s definately the lip-plate-less version there)

Does anyone know why? This has bugged me for YEARS!

The front-images mystery deepens

Not one image - two different images. It’s not just the lip-plate that is different - it’s a different flute and a different face.

I have the vinyl (from 1976). There is a 1993 CD release on Green Linnet with the different picture, and then a later CD release on Compass, with the original picture back again. The fonts for the title have been changing around too.

But a fantastic, must-have album, anyway you can get it.

Does anybody know the first tune on track 8? There’s a tune he plays before McDonagh’s

First tune is McDonagh’s. 2nd one has another name - can’t remember offhand, but it’ll come to me if no-one else names it first.