Concertina Workshop

By Alistair Anderson

Three comments

“Alistair Anderson: Concertina Workshop” ~ book & recording

I have the LP, which isn’t on hand. I also had the CD, but I think I may have loaned it out and not had it returned ~ yet? This recording was made by Alistair Anderson to accompany his tutor for English system concertina, originally a Topic-Free Reed production… Here’s a note from Free-Reed ~

“this delightful feast of tunes and songs from the Northumbrian concertina maestro and High Level Ranter Alistair Anderson serves a dual purpose: It’s a great record for listening to, like any other – but – its companion Book, ( now available on-line: ), is a tutor for all who wish to learn the ‘English’ system concertina, and the 28 traditional tunes on the CD serve as ideal exercises for learners! With erudite notes from A L Lloyd, and consummate playing from Ali and friends, it’s a rare musical treat!”

Halellujah! ~ I found it…

& The musicians are ~

Alistair Anderson - English concertina on all tracks
Graham Pirt - vocal for songs on tracks 3 & 9
Geoff Harris - guitar on track 4
Tich Richardson - guitar on other tracks
Dave Richardson - banjo (track 13), mandolin (tracks 1, 6 & 11) & hammered dulcimer (track 7)

First published by Topic, 1974
Recorded and produced by Alistair Anderson
Notes by Alistair Anderson & A.L. ‘Bert’ Lloyd

Dow made me add this ~ 😎

Note of clarification: Alistair’s work is useful, if not necessarily for playing ‘Irish’ music on the English concertina. But, it’s a good start into straight instrumental playing and song accompaniment, and the man is also a good workshop leader, if you get a chance to learn from him direct… However, there are better recordings for ‘ear training’ and the heart, both for Northumbrian music, such as ‘The Shepherds’, and Irish music, and I’d always recommend widening your experience in tradition with additional backup to any self study you’d do through using this book and recording ~ other musicians, workshops and recordings That is true of any other tutor, instrument or genre…