Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island

By Joe MacLean

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  1. Nancy
  2. Inverness
    Margaret’s Delight
    Miss Prowd
  3. Mabou
    Orange And Blue
    Annie Golletti
  4. The Duke Of Fife’s Birthday
    Green Grow The Rashes-o
    King Of The Clans
  5. Memories Of Joe MacInnis
    Mrs. Robertson Of Alexandria
    Miss Mary Anne Robertson
    Stephanie Marie MacLean
    Foxie Mary
  6. Captain Campbell Of Melford
    Mrs. MacDonald
    Gan Ainm
  7. Bonnie Lass Of Headlake
    Miss Stewart Menzies
    Miss Gordon
    The Burn Of Carnie
  8. Mr. Abel Banks
    The Tweedale Club
    Lady Gordon Of Gordonstown
    Miss Jean Aberdeen
    Mrs. Campbell Of Locknell
  9. Fiddler’s Joy
    Charlie Hunter
    Joe’s Favorite
  10. Headlands March
    The Miller Of Camersay
    Visits With Joe MacLean
    The Old Bog Hole
  11. Lady Viscountess Duncan
    Mr. MacAndrew
    Jenny Nettles
    Jenny Pippin
    The Trussell
    Wedderburn House
    Lady Muir MacKenzie
    The Uist Lasses’ Darling
    Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
    You’re Welcome, Charlie Stewart
    MacKenzie Fraser
    Donald MacGugan’s Rant
    Steer The Gill

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Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island

Rounder CD 7024 issued 1998, but with remastered previously unissued 1977 recordings from this legendary Canadian fiddler.
According to the sleeve notes, these reunited Joe MacLean with Lila Hashem, piano, Peter Dominic, rhythm (and Marie MacLellan on the last track - 1961 house party recording).
Apologies for the various ‘untitled’ tunes but I have listed these according to the liner. Will modify at a later date if I can definitely identify the tune(s).

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Re: Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island

I wonder where the jig (or slide?) “Annie Golletti” (3C) comes from, since there’s no link to it. Golletti sounds as though it could be an Italian name. It puts me in mind as somewhat similar to the English jig “Holm Band Tune.”