The Elgin Fiddler

By Willie Macpherson

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  1. Elgin Junior Strathspey & Reel Players
    Johnston’s Mill
  2. Fogwatt Burns Supper
  3. William Macpherson
  4. Effie Glasgow
    Effie Glasgow
  5. Elgin Strathspey & Reel Players March
    Elgin Strathspey & Reel Players
    Elgin Strathspey & Reel Players
  6. James Macpherson
    James Macpherson
  7. Willie Macpherson
  8. Newmill Brig
  9. Harry Glasgow
    Harry Glasgow
  10. The Bow Brig
  11. Brumley Brae
  12. Strathmashie
    A.F. Macpherson
  13. Mrs Fraser Macpherson
  14. The Coleburn

Two comments

Willie Macpherson - The Elgin Fiddler

A collection of music mainly by the late, great Scottish fiddler Willie Macpherson (1920 - 1974), issued on WMEF001.

Tracks 1,2,4,5,6 played by the Elgin Strathspey & Reel Society
Tracks 3 & 7 played by Bill Brian
Tracks 8,9,10,11,12 & 13 played by William Macpherson

Edited, mixed and mastered by David R. Cunningham, Thane Multimedia Ltd, Fife. Archive material restoration by David I Cunningham.

There is also an optional, excellent accompanying book of Willie Macpherson’s biography together with transcriptions of the tunes.

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Willie Macpherson - The Elgin Fiddler

Clarification of Track Listing -

Having seen the way the original track listing was abridged by the system - a few notes of clarification to help avoid confusion between the tunes:-

Track 4: Two tunes, both titled Effie Glasgow, the first a Strathspey, followed by a hornpipe.

Track 5: Three tunes, all titled Elgin Strathspey & Reel Players. A classic March, Strathspey and Reel set.

Track 6: Two tunes, both titled James Macpherson, the first a Strathspey, follwed by a reel.

Track 9: Two tunes, both titled Harry Glasgow, the first a Slow Air, followed by a Hornpipe.

Tracks 3 and 7: William Macpherson and Willie Macpherson respectively. The first a Hornpipe composed by the late Shetland Fiddler Arthur Robertson; the second a Polka composed by Bill Brian

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