Traditional Fiddle Music From East Clare

By Paddy Canny

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Paddy Canny - Traditional Fiddle Music from East Clare (RTÉ Archives - 1955)

Info collected by member Dragut Reis at :

Paddy Canny, the legendary East Clare fiddler, had a recording career spanning over four decades…The following tracks are mostly single tunes, recorded on a basic machine, and ripped from a magnetic tape, so the sound quality isn’t fantastic. The fiddling, however, is what one would expect from a master like Paddy Canny. Tracks 1-29 are derived from a private tape recording posted by Bernie Stocks over on Ecotonal Music some time ago. The final three tracks come from the RTÉ archive. They were recorded in 1955, and were broadcast on Céilí House in 2004.

Cielito Lindo

The second tune of track 30 is a very sweet rendition of the traditional Mexican tune Cielito Lindo.

These recordings should be made more widely available; I got them from the Russian site which mirrors the old ceolalainn blog.