By John McSherry

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Truly sublime!
McSherry’s playing is superb. This album proves, not only McSherry’s amazing capacity as a musician but also his musical creativity, ingenuity, imagination and innovation, and this is what elevates him above many of his contemporaries!
Fantastic album!

You might want to redo the track listings so it displays properly. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Don’t bother with “track names”. Just include the tune names separated by slashes /.

Absolutely agree with sligeach! Fantastic album!
Never listened to John McSherry before exept the first Lunasa and At First Light with McGoldrick and - John McSherry has exceeded my expectations !

I’ve just returned from Belfast, having spent a very enjoyable two and a half hours interviewing John. If I could bottle his enthusiasm, I’d be sorted for the rest of my life.

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one rainy weekend listenning to “Soma” and “Six days in Down” again and again and again
John is just a god playing pipes. Quite difficult to copy his own style.

Just discovered this album

It was tucked into a World Music section of a shop in Liverpool - I liberated it. Best album I have heard in ages - true quality

John Mcsherry’s Album Soma

i love john mcsherry s playing but i have to say 90percent of the albums that are been recorded these days all sound the same to me,all very similar arrangements and worryingly to me alot of similar tunes

Re: Soma

2010 release.


Ruben Bada - bouzouki, guitar
Joanne McSherry - fiddle
Dónal O’Connor - keyboards, fiddle
Francis McIlduff - bodhrán
Paul McSherry - guitars
Tony Byrne - guitars
Israel Sanchez - drums

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