Cloud Nine: New England Contra Dance Music

By Airdance

  1. Cloud Nine
    Broken Heart
    Cloud Nine
  2. MacArthur Road
    Gravel Walk
  3. Brimstone Corner
  4. Cape Breton
    Gallagher’s March
  5. Muddy Roads
    Lexie MacAskill
  6. Arigana Highway
  7. Up Downey
    Johnny Murray Of Lochee
  8. Cleveland Park
    St. Patrice
    Balls To Hall
  9. Chance Creek
  10. Bubble Pop
  11. Dot McKinnon
    Sheldon MacNeil
    Union Street Session
  12. Rogue Wave
  13. Hull’s

One comment

“Airdance: Cloud Nine: (Modern) New England Contra Dance Music” (an ‘orphan’ submission) 😏

Great Meadow Music
Rodney Miller

The musicians:
Rodney Miller - fiddle
Marko Packard - flute, saxophone, tin whistle, guitar
Mary Cay Brass - piano, piano accordion
Stuart Kenney - upright bass, banjo
David Surette - guitar, mandolin
Sam Zucchini - percussion
From “Product Description” - no author listed:

“Although assembled as an ensemble that would record music to accompany a film about New England contra dancing, all five members of Airdance already had long careers playing for contra and square dances, in drafty town halls, cavernous school gyms, outdoor festivals, and the occasional barn. They had played for experienced dancers, rank beginners, and everything in between. They had worked for callers who demanded specific tunes, and for those with whom anything was pretty much okay, as long as it got people moving. ~ ~ ~”

‘c’ ~ The usual ‘jazz’ and not my cup of tea, or my wife’s, however experienced, skilled and talented the members of this group are. But, there are folks who rave about this kind of mix. Personally, I don’t appreciate such a high concentration of sugar in my tea. We also do our damnedest to avoid artificial sweeteners. Personally I’m quite fond of unadulterated white tea, but I also like the smoky stuff. This is too Lipton for me, and semi-skim, with at least six cubes of white sugar, or several packets of Splenda… 😉

But this one, also lead by the bow of Rodney Miller, ain’t too bad, isn’t so OTT:

“Rodney Miller & Friends: New England Chestnuts 1 & 2”