By Patrick Street

  1. The White Petticoat
    Katy Is Waiting
  2. Sweet Lisbweemore
  3. Mike McDougal’s
    Paddy Canny’s
    Jim Keefe’s
  4. Devanney’s Goat
    The Leitrim Rover
    Michael Ryan’s
  5. Moorlough Shore
  6. The Kanturk
    Joe Burke’s
  7. The Portarlington
    Billy McCormack’s
    Munster Buttermilk
  8. Pity The Poor Hare On Yonder Hill
    Merrily Tripping O’er The Plain
    The Kilgrain Hare
    Pity The Poor Hare
  9. The Lighthouse
    Neillie Boyle’s
  10. Down By Greer’s Grove
  11. Killanin’s Fancy
    The Dash To Portobello
    Anna Macullen

Two comments

Great album as usually. I really love Killanin’s fancy and the white petticoat sets.

Re: Cornerboys

On the album the first set’s middle tune is labeled The Kerry, but that’s auto-linking to the polka. I’ve changed it to just ‘Kerry’ so it links to the jig ( 🙂

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