Piper’s Maggot

By Chris Miller And Ken Campbell

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  1. The Piper’s Maggot
    Hector The Hero
    The Left Handed Fiddler
  2. The Diggins
  3. Cuddy Clauder
  4. Mally Stewart
    When The Tide Comes In
  5. Norwegian Wedding March
  6. Adieu France
    Farewell To Gartly
  7. Danny Deever
  8. The Honourable James Ramsay
    Speed The Plough
  9. The Auld Bougar
  10. Meeting Of The Waters
    Stool Of Repentance
    Captain Jimmy Thomson
  11. The Heilan’ King O’ China
  12. The Boys Of Malin
    Dancing Feet

Two comments

Piper’s Maggot

This is an old (1981) vinyl from a scottish duo that I knew when I worked in Glasgow, Chris Miller on Northumbrian smallpipes and fiddle, and Ken Campbell Northumbrian and scottish smallpipes cittern and guitar. Excellent players though they drifted off into Zydeco after this album (it was trendy at the time!)

There are some good tunes here, but one reason I’ve posted it was because a discussion over on mudcat wanted the lyrics to the “Hielan’ King O’ China”. The discussions a bit old now, but if any is still after the lyrics, googling should bring up this entry.


Re: Piper’s Maggot

Just found this thread, and appreciate the positive comments about our music.

I am the Ken Campbell referred to. Chris Miller and I were a duo from Scotland when we recorded this Topic album. We both played Northumbrian Smallpipes, melody and harmony parts, plus Chris played fiddle, and myself on guitar, cittern, vocals, and an early revival set of Scottish smallpipes.

Neither of us was working toward a BA in classical guitar with respect, so I think spindizzy has us mixed up with another USA Chris Miller with respect.

We then added Alasdair Robertson on vocals, keyboards and guitar to form ‘The Ideal Band’ following so to speak in the footsteps of ‘Bob Smith’s Ideal band’ from Glasgow in the 1930’s, recorded another vinyl LP for Lismore ‘A Measure of Freedom’.

Thereafter Alasdair went of on his own to form the Zydeco Ceildh Band, Chris stopped touring, and I went on to tour as a duo with Scottish smallpiper Hamish Moore, then recorded two solo albums [‘Going Solo’ on Fellside, and ‘Hand Pict’ on Watercolour] , before reforming ‘Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band’.

In 2010 I formed a very successful duo with Linsey Aitken [cello, vocals, piano, etc.] and we are now touring internationally, USA, Russia, Europe, and of course Scotland. We have two CD’s on international release ‘Kith & Kin’ released 2014, and ‘Shore to Shore’ released 2018.

You can hear/see all at - www.linskenscotland.scot.

The song Heiland King of China you referred to above, was from the Argyle and Southern Highlanders way back when stationed in Shanghai. Learnt from an old soldier, and a bit dated now.

If anybody wishes to contact me about any of the above I would be delighted to be of assistance.

Ken Campbell - May 2019