Accordéon Diatonique/Diatonic Accordion

By Philippe Bruneau

  1. Marche De La Police
    Quadrille De Ste-Rose
  2. Hommage à Jean-Guy Naud
  3. La Contredanse
  4. Marche Du Saint-Laurent
    Reel Des Noces D’Or
  5. Hommage à John Kimmel
  6. Hommage à Michel Cartier
  7. Irish Boy
  8. American Cakewalk By John Kimmel
  9. March By John Kimmel
  10. Elite
  11. Clog à Tizef Parent
  12. Gan Ainm
    Reel Du Pêcheur
  13. Valse De Vieux Québec
  14. Vales-Clog Des Pyrénées
  15. Marche Des Marchands De Fruits
  16. Quadrille De Berthier, Part One
  17. Quadrille Des Montagnards Laurentiens
    Reel à Philippe Bruneau
  18. Valse Du Péril
    Valse Marie-Anne
  19. International Echoes

Eight comments

“Philippe Bruneau: Accordéon Diatonique / Diatonic Accordion”

If you have an interest of love for the diatonique, then you should have this around to excite your ears and your feet. I’ll leave others to add more, and will knock on a door or two to see if I can get them to add their two bits to this. I love it.

Thanks you much Ceolachan. This album was recorded in 1984, France.

Philippe Bruneau, accordéons diatoniques, musique québécoise (Anche Libre MR-4007)

Dorothée Hogan is on the piano.

These two make an incredible duet.

Upon the passing of my grand father last summer, I inherited the album “Hommage aux musiciens traditionnels” which I listen to frequently.

Merci Carabus…