Kebister Head

By Bryan Gear And Violet Tulloch

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    Marquis Of Huntly
    Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
  2. The Black Swan
    Spellan’s Inspiration
  3. Leaving Lordenshaw
  4. Laverne Hummel Special
  5. In The Heart Of The Mountain
  6. The Ten Pounder
    Pat O’Brien
    Shifting Sands
  7. Queen Of The North
    Gullet’s Brae
    The Hillhead
  8. The Second Star
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  9. Phil’s Favourite
    Basker’s Delight
  10. The Rose By The Door
  11. Kebister Head
    Lowrie Tarl
    Da Willow Kishie
  12. Lament For Lowrie Ida Lea
  13. Willie Hunter
    The Fermanagh
    The First Months Of Summer
  14. Judy And Jim’s Wedding
  15. The Derry
    Devil’s Churn
    Le Diable Vert

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Bryan Gear ~ Fiddle
Violet Tulloch ~ Piano
Jack Robertson ~ Double Bass, Guitar

Bryan was described by Aly Bain as "one of Shetlands finest young fiddle players." Kebister Head was named after a tune composed by Bryan’s late grand­father Bobby Peterson, a fiddler who had a significant in­fluence on his playing. Bryan, a student of the late great Willie Hunter, Brian has grown to embody much of the great man himself and it’s probably the greatest accolade that many prominent Shetland musicians now recognise him as Willie’s worthy successor in the field of Shetland traditional fiddle music.

Violet has become internationally acclaimed for her truly individual style of piano accompaniment, having ‘backed’ legendary names such as Tom Anderson of course and Aly Bain.

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"Kebister Head"

I haven’t heard the album - bar some nice enough snatches of download - but I do know Kebister.

It’s a group of place-names round Dales Voe, a sea inlet a bit north of Lerwick, capital of Shetland. I worked on an archaeological site there in the mid-80s, on ground adjoining a large installation that was being built for the repair of oil-rigs towed in from the North Sea. The building work was due to encroach on this ground, but we got so much archaeology that the planners and engineers worked heroically to alter the layout of the site so as not to threaten this - let this be recorded in their honour.

Almost overnight the oil market slumped, and the repair base became a redundant folly. I think it got used subsequently as a fish factory. I wonder what it is now.

Kebister - I think - was the name of a ruined house we started digging in. There was a Kebister Burn alongside and a Loch of Kebister further up this; there was a Kebister Ness on the coast; but I can’t recall, and haven’t traced, a Kebister Head. It obviously exists, and it’ll be *somewhere* in this vicinity - that’s all I know. I’m not aware there are Kebisters elsewhere in Shetland.

Kebister Head. The rose by the Door, Perrie Willie (Johnson)

Hallo again

Where can I get the sheet music for:
Kebister Head
Ther Rose by the door

Fiddle Bryan Gear

Peerie Willie (Johnson?)
Wilie Hunter, fiddle

accomp. Violet Tulloch

James Doyle