First Through The Gate

By Brian Conway

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Andy McGann and Felix Dolan show up on a number of tracks. Nice smooth Sligo playing.
This is out on Smithsonian Folkways. It’s nice to see them putting out good new material.

B Conway

I just got my mits on this one, excellent stuff. Brian is a real artist.

First Through the Gate

Excellent CD. My favorite. I think this will be a true classic!!

Kitty’s Wedding is a jig on Brian’s album

Kitty’s wedding on this album is a jig in the key of A. It’s difficult for me because of the high c on the e string of the fiddle. I can’t seen to find any notation for it, although it’s an easy tune to learn by ear.

Re: First Through The Gate

I recently obtained a copy of this wonderful recording and felt obliged to correct the order of the first two tunes he plays in the Martin Wynn’s set. ( I can never keep them straight in my head, so a forgivable error!)

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