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Three Mile Stone has just released it’s debut CD. Produced by John Doyle. Lively tune sets, inventive arrangements, several songs, and most of all, lots of strings (mandolin, fiddle and guitar).
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just listened to the samples on the band´s homepage: what a pleasant surprise! good tunes, played with a sort of `bluegrass swing´ which does them good - unmistakably American in their approach to their material, which is meant as a compliment! Good song material, nicely arranged. `last winter was a hard one´ reminds me of some of the kentucky coal mining songs , like `The L & M don´t stop here anymore´(see above for `American approach´). and: they obviously went to a good studio: it´s very well mixed, you can hear every instrument clearly. Now do I get a free copy ?? Congratulations for this debut !!

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I found TMS’s websitelink here at the, checked the site, listned to the samples, searched iTunes, bought the CD at once, have listened to it many times since then - I think they are very brilliant musicians and singers too, and I can only recommend to BUY the CD…..congrats’

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