Traditional Irish Music From Co. Longford

By Peter Carberry

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Traditional Irish Music from Co. Longford

This is Longford box / banjo player Peter Carberry’s long-awaited first solo recording. Well, actually his daughter Angelina joins him on many tracks, and so it’s almost a duet recording. If you enjoy their album “Memories of the Holla,” you will definitely love this recording too.

Peter is generally thought to have stopped playing the banjo after he lost the top of his finger, but he does play the instrument on one track. John Blake and Seamus O’Kane provide tasteful accompaniment.

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I got this recording as a gift this afternoon and can’t stop listening to it. It’s still April, but I’m sure it’ll be among the top 3 recordings of this year.

Awesome stuff !

Great tunes - played perfectly
I’ve just about nailed track 4 and will just work my way through - I want to learn them all !

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Bushmills Fancy

Track 4b
Does anyone know if this is on the session by another name?
I have just worked out the abc for it and could post it on tunes section but I don’t want to duplicate it if it already here (I’ve searched everywhere I know & can’t find it)

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It’s a recent composition of Paddy Mill, so I believe it’s not on the tunes section.

Bushmills Fancy

Okay, I’ve added it to the tunes section now

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Bushmills/Paddy Mill !!

Yes, it’s a composition of Paddy Mills, who died a few years ago. He was from NW Mayo, and I knew him and played in sessions with him. It’s Paddy MILLS, who also composed a nice little reel of same name.

Re: Traditional Irish Music From Co. Longford

Has anyone got any comments or information about the air on this album Lament for Eoghan Rua O’Neill?
There seem to be two different tunes here. The one played by Peter on this album is not the one listed elsewhere in The Session. The Session has a tune, allegedly composed by O‘Carolan, which laments the death of O’Neill in 1649, but it is not this tune. The tune Peter is playing here is, I have been advised, a lament for another Eoghan Rua who was an 18th Century Irish poet. However , both Peter on this album and Nollaigh Casey on her album with Arty McGlynn Lead the Knave (see my comments in The Session about the tune on that album) , attribute the tune to the O’Neill of 1649. I can’t seem to find the answer to which is correct . Perhaps “correct” is irrelevant since both tunes stand in their own right, but I wonder if anyone else has noted the difference and the apparent possible mis-attributions?