By Frigg

  1. Meltaus
  2. Särö
  3. Nuorten Miesten Speli
  4. Halling
  5. Eliaxen Speli
  6. Salmetone Fra Verdal
  7. Antilope Island
  8. Takmonistanssi
  9. Egi
  10. Cross Country
  11. Kotkanpää
  12. Matts Näsi
  13. Eräänä Kauniina Päivänä

Two comments


This is the first album of the Finnish/Norwegian band "Frigg". I bought it after seeing them perform at The Sage Gateshead, followed by a cracking session that went on well into the small hours in a nearby pub. Go and see them if you get a chance- they’re great.

Unbelievable band

Frigg is one of the tightest, most spirited, most talented bands I’ve heard in quite a long time. Highly recommended.