By Frigg

  1. Jokijenkka
  2. Daavid Ja Minä
  3. Hasse
  4. Keidas
  5. Kjømestermarsj
  6. Mäenpään Heikin Valssi
  7. Fantomen
  8. Tepeq
  9. Solberg
  10. Return From Helsinki
  11. Toulpagorni
  12. Peltoniemen Hintriikin Surumarssi

Three comments


This is Frigg’s second album. I particularly like the first and penultimate tracks, although I prefer playing the latter just a touch quicker than is played on here. Great band.


I thought this was a joke when I first saw it but then just went and checked out the band’s myspace and youtube clips. They’re great! A bit like Vasen but with four fiddles.

They may not be Irish CD’s but thanks for posting them martin!

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Love this band loads, thanks for adding them to The Session, maybe I’ll manage to notate some of the tunes on their albums some time…