In Transit

By Jamie McClennan

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  1. Emily’s Wee Tune
    In Transit
  2. The Sunspot
    Fun With Colin
    Tune For Eilidh
  3. Little Red
  4. The Emergency Flapjack
    The Pickpocket
  5. Peggy’s
  6. Demon Ducks Of Doom
    The Corolla Session
    Hoose O’ Da Foost
  7. Crichope Linn
    The Painted Lady
  8. Vivienne’s
    The Shipbuilder
    Waikato River Race
  9. Shannon’s
    The Foolish Moon
  10. Road To Bennan
  11. Rainbow Sheep
    Aisle Surfing
  12. Horizontal Living

One comment

Jamie’s debut album is as much a collection of his own tunes as it is a musical journey. All the tunes on the album were written by Jamie whilst either on tour in various locations around the globe or in one of the two countries he calls home, NZ and Scotland, hence the name ‘In Transit’.

With upbeat dancing tunes and soulful melodies this recording captures Jamie’s energetic and slightly off the wall stage presence perfectly.

On this recording he’s accompanied by the fantastic guitar work, both acoustic and electric, of former band mate, Gerry Paul, rhythm section of Duncan Lyall on double bass and Fraser Stone on percussion plus the soaring, pulsating flutes and whistles of Alan Doherty. There’s some great bluegrass mandolin touches by Canadian maestro Andrew Collins and some beautiful cello by Adelaide Carlow.

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