The Harper’s Land

By Ann Heymann And Alison Kinnaird

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  1. The Harper’s Land
  2. Ellen’s Dreams
  3. Lady Iveagh
  4. The Braidwood Waits
  5. Rory Dall Morison’s
    Far-Fuadach ‘A Chlarsair (The Harper’s Dismissal)
  6. The Granard Tunes: Carraic Na H-Uaine
    The Market House
    John Dungan’s Return
    The Canon’s Cup
  7. Bas Alastruim (The Death Of Alasdair)
    McAllistruim’s March
  8. Miss Hamilton
  9. Cumh Easbig Earraghaal (Bishop Of Argyle’s Lament)
  10. Baltiorum
    Charlie’s Fancy
  11. Blar Sliabh An T-Siorraidh
    The Battle Of Sheriffmuir
  12. The Bells Of Cork City
    The Dusty Miller
  13. Clarsach Na Cloiche (The Harp Of The Stones)
  14. Airs By Fingal
  15. Leslie’s March

Three comments

"Music for the Irish And Scottish Harps"

‘this [Temple records, 1992] reissue contains 3 previously unpublished tracks’

This is a classic recording of both nylon and metal strung harps, by two foremost exponents of the art.

I’m sorry I can’t precise what the "Airs by Fingal" are called. The sleeve notes might give more detail but my copy got drenched years ago and the pages are hopelessly stuck together!

A delightful album with great ancient harp / piping classics such as McAllistrum’s March and the like…

Tracks 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 are pure ‘metal’ (clarsach!) for the aficionados, the rest either duets or ‘gut’ solos.
The Bells of Cork City is a ‘programmatic’ piece of the best effect. Some of these ancient airs and pieces are jigs or reels in disguise. Don’t be harp shy (some people are): give it a try!