The Meeting

By Sharon Carroll And Cherith Boyle

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  1. The King Of The Fairies
  2. Firefly
    The Foggy Dew
  3. Eleanor Plunkett
    Fanny Power
  4. Dublin Streets
  5. Parcel Of Rogues
  6. Song Of The Chanter
  7. Cathedral City
  8. Saddle The Pony
    The Battering Ram
  9. My Lagan Love
  10. Voice Of The Braid
  11. Over The Hills ’til Tildarg

Two comments

The Meeting Sharon Carroll & Cherith Boyle

Counties Down and Antrim harpists Sharon Carroll & Cherith Boyle join forces to deliver a classic, most tasteful program of Irish airs and dances. No studio or synthesiser gymmick here: just 2 laughing damsels do the trick! The opening track, a beautiful but often hackneyed old number is played here with refreshing rhythmical and tonal subtlety. The rest of the album makes for similar serene, engaging hearing.

Firelfly, Cathedral City and Voice of the Braid; composed by Cherith Boyle;
Over the Hills ’til Tildarg; Willie Drennan. All other tunes traditional.