Tarruinn Anmoch

By Roddy Campbell

  1. Fagail Bharraigh
  2. Domhnull An Dannsair
  3. Seonaid
  4. Mo Run A’ Chruinneag
  5. Barn-Dance Time:
    Tam Bain’s Lum
    Lucy Cassidy
  6. Fonn Mo Leannain
  7. An Gille Ruadh
  8. Cairistiona
  9. Fionaghalla
  10. Na Bodachain (The Auld Yins):
    Angus MacKinnon
    Seumas MacNeill
  11. Bhean Ud Thall
  12. Oran Na Cloiche
  13. Cha D’Fhuair Mi’n Cadal
  14. Na Bodachain (The Movie):
    Oganaich An Oir-Fhuil Bhuide

Four comments

Tarruinn Anmoch

A 2000 Greentrax cull (a rare treat, more like!) from the Isle of Barra.
See the Living Tradition review of ‘this extremely likeable disc’:

Roddy Campbell (Vocals, shuttle pipes, whistle and flute) is accompanied by Malcolm Stitt, Mary MacMaster, Donald Hay, Marianne Campbell, Paddy Shaw, Angus Grant and Rory Campbell.

Track 13 ‘I didn’t get any sleep’ is a pure gem of a song and interpretation. As is Roddy’s version of the now classic ‘Fionaghalla’ (track 9)
The whole is a rare delight.


Thanks for posting this not only because it’s a fantastic album but both Amazon and iTunes managed to totally muck up the track names. The names themselves were alright, they just attributed them to the wrong tracks. That’s my lesson for not buying the CD from a person instead of downloading it from a corporate entity.

Re: Tarruinn Anmoch

You’re welcome.

The album is mostly songs but some can be played as instrumental dances. I will post transcriptions when i have a bit more time.

Re: Tarruinn Anmoch

Tarruinn Anmoch = Late Cull

The tracks of this album can be heard on youtube but unfortunately the names, here also, are all disarranged.