The Man Of The House

By Tom Moran

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The Man of the House:

Tom Moran himself on banjo and mandolin.
With Máire O’Keefe Martin Moran, Jimmy Cahill.

The CD

Bought it because the lineup of tunes sounded interesting. Reaction: heavily disappointed!! all the tunes sound as if they are in slow motion - can´t he or doesn´t he want to ?? It´s beautiful to hear what Martin Hayes does with tunes he seems to slow down because he puts something else into them …atmosphere, feeling. Moran, in contrast, just seems to totally lack in any kind of esprit. Never again!!

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‘A musician, a mike, one take more or less’; a rare genuine enterprise.

Funny that! I bought this album also because of the interesting lineup of tunes. I was delighted to find the Barren Rocks of Aden on it and the Belles of Rathcoole, spelt that way! (albeit with a missing beat in this version!) Tom plays with feeling, an essential element sadly lacking in many a recent production. And with respect and know-how. And this is why the last comment is unfair or naive: Tom Moran represents a facet of what ITM is like and I believe ITM’s beauty is exactly that: what we all -both individually and collectively- make it sound like; wonderfuly diverse avatars of the same deity! 😉 In the contemporary soundscape, when most recorded production -and unfortunately live music also- is being sleeked, sped and homogenized up, Tom’s CD is a breath of fresh air.

Paddy Fahy’e - Track 9

…is the jig here :

Afraid I’d have to go along with "alexweger"’s opinion, rather than "birlibirdie"’s.

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