Keepers Of Tradition: Concertina Players Of County Clare

By Various Artists

  1. Give Us A Drink Of Water
    The Drops Of Brandy
  2. The Copperplate
  3. The Five Mile Chase
  4. The Boys Of The Town
    Jim Droney’s
  5. The Lark’s March
  6. George White’s Favourite
  7. The Maids Of Glenroe
  8. The Girl I Left Behind Me
    Maggie In The Wood
  9. Moran’s Fancy
    Off To California
  10. The Ships Are Sailing
  11. The Connaughtman’s Rambles
  12. The Reel Of Rio
  13. Dan Breen’s
  14. The Foxhunter’s
  15. The Dream
  16. The Connaught
  17. The Kilnamona
  18. The Fergus
  19. The Bunch Of Keys
    The Flogging
  20. The Blackthorn Stick
    Saddle The Pony
  21. Sporting Nell
  22. The Merry Blacksmith
  23. Mollie’s
  24. The Mountain Top
    The Flower Of The Flock
  25. Packie Russell’s
  26. Brody Kierse’s
  27. The Star Of Munster
  28. The One That Was Lost
    Seamus Cooley’s

Four comments

“Keepers Of Tradition: Concertina Players Of County Clare”

Cois na hAbhna, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

A fragment gleaned from the notes:

“Produced by archivists Joe O’Connor and Frank Whelan ~ a compendium of concertina field recordings ~ garnered from the archives of Cois na hAbhna, the Regional Resource Centre of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, County Clare, the Comhaltas Archives, Topic Records, RTE Libraries and Archives and and Claire Keville’s field recordings. ~ 28 exponents of diverse styles who have influenced the multiple trajectories of concertina music in the county, and beyond,for well over a century.” ~ Tim Collins

28 tracks, 28 concertina players to be inspired by…

This is 28 charmers, most of whom are no longer with us except for the efforts of those who captured some of their music in recordings like these. Sadly a recording doesn’t capture the spirit and character and charm of these lovely folk, who played from the heart. Yes, some of the charm can be found here, if your heart is open to it. For these folks it was about music and community and the idea of over working the music, as if cramming for an exam, would never cross their minds. Music was a part of a complete and rich life. Those gone before us are missed, but we can be reminded of part of who they are through their music.

The musicians:

- 1.) Sonny Murray *
- 2.) Elizabeth Crotty *
- 3.) Paddy Murphy *
- 4.) Chris Droney *
- 5.) Solus Lillis *
- 6.) Tom Carey *
- 7.) Mary Ellen Curtin
- 8.) Bernard O’Sullivan *
- 9.) Gerald Haugh *
10.) Tommy McMahon *
11.) John Naughton
12.) Kitty Hayes *
13.) Martin Purtill
14.) John Lahiff
15.) Bridget Dinan
16.) Pakie Russell *
17.) Gerdie Commane
18.) John Joe Casey
19.) John Kelly *
20.) Marty O’Keeffe
21.) Jack Murrihy
22.) Mickey Carrucane
23.) Molly McCarthy
24.) Tommy McCarthy *
25.) Catherine Mullally
26.) Paddy Kierse
27.) Mickie O’Donoghue
28,) Martin Fahy

* Each one of these deserves a CD, and if you do a search you’ll find some have more recorded treasures for your listening pleasure, and Chris Droney has several, and there’s more to inspire you…

More inspiration from the heart ~

“Elizabeth Crotty: Concertina Music From West Clare”

“Paddy Murphy: In Good Hands”

“Chris Droney: The Flowing Tide”
“Chris Droney: Irish Dance Music”
“Chris Droney: The Fertile Rock”
“Chris Droney: Down From Bell Harbour”

“Tom Carey”

“Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Clare Concertinas”
“Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon: Irish Traditional Music Of County Clare”

“Kitty Hayes: A Touch Of Clare”
“Kitty Hayes & Peter Laban: They’ll Be Good Yet”
“Kitty Hayes Remembered”

Pakie Russell ~ “The Russell Family Of Doolin, County Clare”

“John Kelly: Fiddle And Concertina Player”

“Tommy McCarthy: Sporting Nell”


“Irish Traditional Concertina Styles”
Sonny Murray / Mrs Ellen O‘Dwyer / Paddy Murphy / Gerald Haugh / Solus Lililis / Tom Carey / Michael MacAogain / Sean O’Dwyer

A box set of 6 CDs: “The Clare Set”
The Flowing Tide
Clare Concertinas
Traditional Music of County Clare
The Russell Family
John Kelly: Fiddle & Concertina
Clare Concertina Styles


Some of the CDs “ceolachan” mentions above are currently up for auction on ebay. There was a discussion a few weeks back when someone pointed out the fairly impressive collection of LP records the guy was selling. Seems like he’s moved on to his CD collection. Good luck if you bid.
He calls himself [ assuming it’s a “him” ] “tsleibhe”

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