Comb Your Hair And Curl It

By Catherine McEvoy, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh

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Anyone know where this is available at a decent price - Amazon has an Austrian source but it’s over £20

Invite them to play in your area and you’ll get a deal on their CD, I’m sure!
If it can’t be done, try Claddagh Records (Price: 18.00Euro) or the other ‘small’ dealers.

I just ordered this and am completely excited I can barely sit…

UK ordering

Can be ordered from All Celtic Music in the UK for £13.80. currently out of stock, but I am informed it will be in stock again in about a week.

Got it Monday and have been listening to it constantly since… Well recorded, though sometimes the flute is a little quieter on the mix than I’d like. That said, great playing all around! Feeds my Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh fiddling obsession quite nicely. There are a number of tunes where I can’t help but tap my feet even if I don’t want to. Lovely album!

Track 9

What’s called “Mairseail Ui Shulleabhain” seems to be a couple of tunes - I’m sure “Out on the ocean” is one - any ventures on the other?

Comb Your Hair And Curl It

…… by the way , thanks for the pointers - got my copy last week. Great stuff, but I think the fiddle is miked too softly in the mix, certainly compared to the concertina.

I still prefer ‘Kitty lie over’.

Mrs Gavin’s

The tune link supplied refers to a different tune to the to one played on the album (which is a jig). I was going to add this to the tunes database, but I’d be interested to know first whether it’s more commonly known in a different key. My version of what’s played:

T:Mrs Galvin’s
G GBd||:
gdg fed|Bdd def|gdg fed|Bee e2f|gdg fed|Bdd def|1g3 gdB|AGG GBd:||2g3 g3
|g3 gdc||

Comb Your Hair

Mairseail Ui Shulleabhain is actually O’Sullivan’s March, I think Caoimhin likes to play it in D. He and Brendann did mad stuff on it a few years ago, it’s a march, prob in 6/8. Do any one you know about the tuning on this cd? So far I’ve figured out, supposed Eb, C, and B. Just curious how this was done - does Micheal have different concertinas, or what. And I think it’s really different tunings, as the tonal quality is somewhat different.

But gorgeous Caoimhin-style playing, love the drones and the like.

Comb Your Hair and Buy It

try cd baby ---- $us12 to legally download and well worth it to
enjoy or to try and learn how get some of that hypnotic pulse into
your playing.

Lovely CD. I do particularly like the way they’ve consciously steered clear of accompaniment, just three great tune players.

The sleeve notes just give track names, and don’t have the extensive, wryly humorous (partly bilingual) commentary that you get on Micheal’s solo cds, so a download copy would be no great loss.

Listening in the car, I found the recording a bit too harsh and edgy. It’s recorded by Caoimhin and I’d speculate from his playing that that’s his preference. Anyway, I did a copy with a bit of EQ applied for playing in the car, and play the original at home.

I got it last night at a MO‘R concert in Otley . Good at first listening. Are they brothers? Maybe I should know. Nice ’rough edged’ fiddling

Does anyone have a “map” of which tunings are used on each track? That’s been my biggest obstacle to learning the tunes here -- the moment strikes, and I grab a whistle to play along, only to work out it’s not right, then grab another whistle, then another, and then the moment is past.

The first track is Eb, the fourth C….

Whistles to use

I got the whistles out , Sol, and the ones I used to play along were as follows :

1 -Eb
2 - D
3 - Bb
4 - C
5 - C
6 - D
7 - Eb
8 - D
9 - C
10 - Bb
11 - Eb
12 - C
13 - C
14 - Eb

Thanks, Kenny! I think I’ll print that out and hang it on my wall. 🙂

Ah, interesting, track 8 is D for “Mrs Galvin’s” and C for “The Legacy”. I think I’d worked out that it was C for “Legacy” at some point, which utterly befuddled me when I tried to learn “Mrs Galvin’s” assuming it was also C.

I love this record! The playing is so loose and tight at the same time. The notes and instruments swirl around themselves like a carousel…

Re: Comb Your Hair And Curl It

Track 10’s “Cronin’s” seems to link to the entirely wrong tune. It should be a slide of the same name, but not one I seem to be able to find on this site.

Re: Comb Your Hair And Curl It

I’ve corrected a few links. There are 2 slides on track #8 which may be here already under different titles. If I find time, I’ll do an “abc” search.

Re: Comb Your Hair And Curl It

The slide called Cronin’s seems to be Paddy Cronin’s, which is here on in E Dorian. There’s something wrong with the repeats in the B part here.