Annie’s Song

By James Galway

  1. Le Basque
  2. Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 Aria
  3. Liebesfreud
  4. Berceuse From Dolly Suite
  5. Allegro From Piano Sonata In C, K545
  6. Annie’s Song
  7. Tambourin
  8. La Plus Que Lente
  9. Brian Boru’s March
  10. The Boys Of Blue Hill
    The Harvest Home
    The Belfast
  11. Spanish Love Song
  12. Carmen Fantasy

Thirteen comments

By Belfast’s own ‘legend’ classical flute player.
Accompanied by National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Charles Gerhardt. Published in 1981.

Probably not your idea of a trad Irish Music album(!) but you can hear him play a hornpipe set on the tinwhistle (track 10) with Kevin Conneff on Bodhrán.

The other irish trad track on this record is a duet with the deep full sound of the classical harp. (also heard on the lullaby -track 4)

Composers in order of appearance:
Marais, Villa - Lobos, Kreisler, Fauré, Mozart, John Denver, Rameau (arr.), Debussy, (2 Irish trad. tracks, 1 Spanish) and a Bizet ‘grand finale’.
Most pieces here are on the ‘easy listening’ side of classical but how sweet Villa-Lobos’s is! And the trad track is the best!

(…as in Belfast ‘sweet’, not saccharine sweet! Tracks 2, 9 & 10 are sound and show the master at his versatile best.)

‘legend’ ?
‘the master at his versatile best’?

hmmm……… some would disagree !

smw, I had to watch the video of Molloy playing the Bucks to cleanse my ears of the video you posted, and seeing from the comments on the Bucks video, I’m not the only person who’s done that 🙂


James Galway’s not a "real" flute player ??? He’s not a traditional flute player, and has never claimed to be, but he’s pretty near the best at what he does do, and deserves respect for that. I would also question the relevance of posting this recording here, but there are far, far worse instances of irrelevance.

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thanks Kenny…
I didn’t submit this recording here just to hear what you might say my dears :- )
Some trad albums contain non-trad tracks (think Stockton Wings’ songs) or non-Irish trad tracks (an incredibly long list, getting longer) Why not a classical album with trad tracks?
I’m not the 1st one to post a James Galway album by the way:
It’s been done before -with relevance. I’m not interested in what a musician ‘represents’ in general but what they do in particular: actual instances of music.

There’s a difference….

You ARE the "first one to post a James Galway album".
The other James Galway recordings posted here are of him playing with the Chieftains, so that to my mind is appropriate to this website. That is my opinion - you may differ. But - would you mention this album to someone if they asked you to recommend a recording of traditional Irish music ? I don’t think so, so what use is it to anyone here ?

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