The Wounded Hussar

By Pete Cooper

  1. The Reel Of Mullinavat
    Doctor Gilbert
  2. The Chicago
    Tom Billy’s
  3. Julia Clifford’s
    Din Tarrant’s
  4. O’Carolan’s Draught
  5. Garret Barry’s
    Pipes On The Hob
  6. Donegal Mazurkas
  7. The Jug Of Punch
    Eddie Kelly’s
  8. The Wounded Hussar
  9. The Toormore
  10. The Musical Priest
    The Salamanca
    The Morning Dew
    The Heart Is True
  11. The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
  12. Donegal Highlands
  13. Bryan O’Lynn
    The Connachtman’s Rambles
    Paddy Clancy’s
  14. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  15. McGlinchey’s

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The Wounded Hussar

I bought this CD from a record shop that was closing down in Byres Road ,Glasgow.I paid the princely sum of

Looking for Peter Cooper’s CD The Wounded Hussar

This seems to be out of print. Can anyone find a copy or make a duplicate CD I could purchase? I play fiddle and am charmed by his Irish Fiddle book in which he mentions this CD. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Name confusion

Track 9 contains 2 tunes - the 1st (called The Toormore) is not the tune usually known as the Toormore slide. The 2nd (called The Cullen) IS the tune usually known as the Toormore slide.

Re: The Wounded Hussar

I found this CD a bit disappointing. The last track “McGlinchey’s” is linking to a reel, but it’s the hornpipe composition by Brendan McGlinchey sometimes known as “Across The Fence”.

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