The Gold Ring - CD 1 Of 2

By Willie Clancy

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"Willie Clancy: The Gold Ring" - a 2 CD set - CD 1 Of 2

RTE, 01/01/2010, RTE276CD

"The tracks on this two CD set were selected by RTÉ radio presenter and producer Peter Browne and come from the RTÉ Libraries and Archives as well as number of other organisations and private collectors. This double CD is a most comprehensive collection of Willie Clancy’s piping from a period of over twenty years. It brings together recordings from many different places, times and sources and provides the opportunity to hear over two and a half hours of his playing."

Must have of course, only let down for me is that 1/3 of this stuff is already available on the Pipering records. You should hear some of the stuff from the archives they could have put on here!

I have… 😉