The Grand Chain

By Alistair Anderson, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson

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  1. The Glakey
    Peter Peerie’s Boat
    Young Scotty
  2. Ten Years On
  3. Frank Bishop’s Farewell
    The Swallow’s Tail
  4. Lady Walpole’s
    The Trip To Rousay
    The Trip To Durham
  5. When Winds Begin To Sing
  6. Robertson’s
    The Great North Run
    The Grand Chain
  7. Spalpeen Aroon
  8. On Windy Gyle
  9. The Tailor’s Revenge
    The Devil Among The Tailors

Seven comments

A recording from 1987, with the first 7 tracks played with :
Alistair Anderson : English Concertina, Northumbrian pipes (tracks 2 and 7)
Will Atkinson : harmonica
Joe Hutton : Northumbrian pipes
Willy Tailor : fiddle
Bob Fox : piano
The last 2 tracks are played by the Steel Skies Band :
Alistair Anderson : concertina and Northumbrian pipes
Tony Corcoran : fiddle
Martin Dunn : flute, whistle
Robin Dunn : mandolin
Chuck Fleming : fiddle

Issued by Black Crow Records, CROCD 216, 1987

The last track, the tailor’s revenge, is, as AListair sayas himself on the booklet "a light-hearted look at the well-known tune "Teh Devil among the Tailors"…
Will Atkinson, Joe Hutton and Willy Tailor were retired shepherds, with "a lifetime of music to share"…

"The Glakey Hornpipe" ~ track 1, 1st tune - C: Ernest Kirkby (Leeds)

While a jig, the ‘complete’ name for this one is "The Glakey Hornpipe"…