La Bibournoise

By Genticorum

  1. La Ligue Du Vieux Poele
    La Grondeuse Opossum
  2. La Bibournoise
  3. Le Vingt D’Avril
  4. Le Brandy Culotte
  5. Le Moine Blanc
  6. Hommage A Andre Alain
    La Gigue A Pierre Chartrand
  7. Reel A Lina Remon
    Reel A Liette Remon
  8. J’y Vais Mon Train
  9. Pinson Et Cendrouille
  10. Valse Beaulieu
  11. Les Culottes De V’lour
  12. Le Pommeau No. 1
    Le Pommeau No. 2

One comment


I had the privilege of attending a course where Yann Falquet was one of the teachers in summer 2014. Not mentioned in the band description is that Yann is a virtuoso on the concertina as well. He’s a fantastic musician, and a warm, humorous and engaging instructor.

I love everything that this group does, especially the foot work. I posted the tune, L’Aire Mignonne, one that he taught us at the course.