La Mistrine

By La Bottine Souriante

  1. Le Reel Des Soucoupes Volantes
  2. Ici-Bas Sur Terre
  3. Martin De La Chasse-Galerie
  4. La Mistrine
  5. La Reel De La Main Blanche
  6. La Tourtière
    The Murray River
    La Tourtière
  7. La Reel Irlandais
    Sheepskins And Beeswax
  8. Christophe
  9. La Complainte Du Folkloriste
  10. Le Rap À Ti-Pétang
  11. Reel De La Sauvagine
  12. Dans Nos Vielles Maisons

Five comments

"La Bottine Souriante: La Mistrine"

Musicor, MPCD-2038, 1994

Guilty pleasures?! 😉


Bees Wax, Sheep Skin is on this site somewhere and the reel at the end of Chistophe is Monymusk.

Bottine Souriante - La Mistrine Track 6 La Tourtiere

Any one know the name of the catchy jig tune in the middle of the song? Seems to be only the first part there. Probably very common, well-known in Quebec but not in these parts!
Ta for any info.