By Danu

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  1. An Staicín Eornan
  2. The Glen Cottage
    John Brosnan’s
    Peata An Mhaoir
  3. Cailín na nÚrla Donn
  4. Snug In The Blanket
    Patsy Geary’s
  5. The Boys Of Barr Na Stráide
  6. Murphy’s
    Lord Gordon’s
  7. Malaí na gCuach Ní Chuilleannáin
  8. Fiona’s Arrival
    O’Connells Trip To Parliament
  9. Clancy’s Farewell To Whiskey
    An Dro Des Petits Bateaux
  10. Never Tire Of The Road
    The Green Fields Of America
  11. Apples In Winter
    The Frost Is All Over

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“It has been over five years since Danu have released an album. This is put out on their own label and is a cracker! It sounds as polished as ever and Muireann’s voice is getting more beautiful with time.” (Claddagh Records)

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The decline in quality continues…

Couldn’t agree less there pmcallis. I think this is their finest work to date. Most mature, well-rounded and solid album this band has ever made.

Wasnt sure at first but now convinced - third polka on track 2 is perfect and Muireann’s inflections on track 5 haunt me, world class singing…

Nell Fee’s Polka

Polka #2, track 2 seems like it’s Nell Fee’s polka, not John Brosnan’s reel.

Re: Seanchas

Star track on this one for me is the English/Irish duet song with Ciarán O Gealbháin (previously Danú’s singer) and Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh. I do like a Macaronic song!

Apart from that I couldn’t help feeling that the whole thing is slightly muted, like driving with the handbrake on!
It’s a lovely album, but have they been told to be on their best behaviour?