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"It has been over five years since Danu have released an album. This is put out on their own label and is a cracker! It sounds as polished as ever and Muireann’s voice is getting more beautiful with time." (Claddagh Records)

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The decline in quality continues…

Couldn’t agree less there pmcallis. I think this is their finest work to date. Most mature, well-rounded and solid album this band has ever made.

Wasnt sure at first but now convinced - third polka on track 2 is perfect and Muireann’s inflections on track 5 haunt me, world class singing…

Polka #1 in Track 2

Brett, I think you’ve picked the wrong Glen Cottage there. I reckon it’s actually - usually known as the GREEN Cottage.

Nell Fee’s Polka

Polka #2, track 2 seems like it’s Nell Fee’s polka, not John Brosnan’s reel.

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