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Ash Plant

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Good man Kenny! I should have put this up myself. Still have a vinyl copy somewhere — maybe left it in Sweden. Just a note. I have posted 3 of the tunes here - the Gan Ainm on track 1 under the title "Henrik Bjorslev’s" who plays it on whistle on that track and that’s where I got the tune. It is apparently a Vincent Broderick composition "The Night of the Big Wind". The waltzes on the final track under the titles "Vejrmolledans"
and "Ravne Pers Vals".


Hi, "Longnote". Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope all is well with you. I’ve updated the tune titles so that the "links" connect to the tunes in the database. The one exception is the 1st reel on the recording. I’ve re-titled it as "The Night Of The Big Wind", since that was the name given to it by it’s composer.
I’ll put an alternative link to your transcription below.
Any chance of you putting in an appearance at the "Willie Week" this year ? Be sure to let me know if you’re intending being there. All the best.
"Ash Plant" were a great Danish/Irish band from Copenhagen, and there’s some very fine playing on this recording. Probably can’t get it anymore, since it was recorded in 1990. I was lucky enough to hear a reunion concert they did in Copenhagen a few years ago - a great night’s music.
The 2nd last track is listed as "The Ash Plant" reels, but the "Ashplant is the 2nd, and the first reel - un-named on the cassette sleeve, - is the reel I’ve always known as "Dicky Sherlock’s". "Dicky Sherlock’s" here has had the alternative title of "The Ashplant" ascribed to it, and I can’t help but wonder if this recording was the source of what I regard as confusion.

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Ash Plant not just were a great band, they still are!
and many of the tracks here are reproduced in their 1995 CD "Selected Recordings".