Northumbria Down Under

By Bob Ballantine

  1. Welcome (Spoken)
  2. Geordie
  3. Simonburn Castle
  4. Wild Hills O’Wannies
  5. Good Humour
  6. Hexam Races
  7. Elsey’s
  8. The Jig Of Slurs
  9. John Stephens Of Chance Inn
    Lord Lovat’s Lament
  10. Bonny North Tyne
  11. Westfield Cottage
  12. Gilsland
  13. East And West
  14. Little Burnt Potato
  15. Greenhaugh Farm
  16. Sylph
    Jeannie’s Blue E’en
  17. Sweet Rose Of Allendale
  18. Billy Ballantine’s
  19. Story Of Billy’s Reel (Spoken)

Two comments

Bob Ballantine

Bob is a very distinctive whistle player, to be heard at festival sessions around Victoria and at the National Festival Canberra, Australia.
Bob is the son of Billy Ballantine renowned piccolo player and composer.
The other musicians on this recording are…
James Rigby - flute, guitar
Andy Rigby - harp, flute
Deanna Devers - accordian

Interesting to see evidence of Northumbrian trad going on at the ends of the earth. Very many have emigrated from the North-East throughout the modern era, but they haven’t colonised cities in distinctive ongoing communities like the Irish, Italians and others. Or not that I know of. It would be interesting to be told otherwise.

I think they preferred to live in the middle of nowhere, like back home.