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Daniele Caronna - fiddle, guitar, bouzouki
Fabio Rinaudo - uilleann pipes, whistle
Michel Balatti - flute
Devis Longo - pianoforte, tenor and soprano sax
Fabio Vernizzi - piano, keyboards
Dado Sezzi - percussion

with guests:
Martin Hayes - fiddle
Dennis Cahill - guitar

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Why ?

I think we’ve seen this before, but why don’t any of the tunes listed whose names include apostrophes link to the tunes in the database ? Is there a cure ?

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Re: Why

Because they’re smart quotes. I’ve fixed (straightened) them now.

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Thanks for fixing that, “bdh”. Pardon my ignorance, but what are “smart quotes”?

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Re: Curious…

“Smart quotes” are the curly quotation marks we’re used to reading – the ones shaped like a 6 to open and a 9 to close. Likewise, there are “smart apostrophes” which are shaped like a 9. These are encoded differently to “straight” quotes and apostrophes, which look the same regardless of position and so are the default for keyboard input.

Bottom line: you’ll run into trouble (like I did) if you copy-paste track listings from documents that have “smart” quotes or apostrophes rather than their “straight” counterparts. Easy to fix – just retype the apostrophe or quotation mark in the listing on thesession 🙂

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Thanks, “bdh”…

You learn something every day…

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