The Limerick Lassies

By Mickey Dunne

  1. The Limerick Lassies
    McFadden’s Favourite
  2. McGuire’s March
  3. Joe Cunneen’s
  4. The Rocks Of Bawn
  5. Ambrose O’Donovan
    Sheila Coyle’s
  6. Munster Bacon
    Tumble The Tinker
  7. McFadden’s Reels
  8. Ashokan Farewell
  9. Clare
    Hearty Boys
  10. Snowy Breasted Pearl
  11. Speed The Plough

Three comments

The Limerick Lassies

40min of piping by the legendary Mickey Dunne

(First?) Published 1994

A fellow busker gave me this tape once upon Edinburgh’s High Street. Thank you Mr Rambling Connaughtman! Now, the sleeve notes were not attached so, thanks too to one Thomas Johnson of Lund for providing the detail (he’s got more for uillean pipers at: